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Shooter Chick Chinks & Chaps

At Rockwell Saddles, we use the highest quality chap leather to make our chaps and chinks. We've put our heads together with working cowboys to get patterns that are comfortable and durable for all day wear. But look is important too - we can add scallops, spots, contrasting colors, layered fringe and more to create something eye catching and unique. 

Here are samples for our work and a few pairs for sale.

Custom holster & chap orders require a deposit of $150.  Your order doesn't go into the "order of go" until payment is received ~ thanks!

Amy's Chinks - brown body with brown and jade double, pinked and spotted fringe.  Floral with basket stamped belt and side piece with antique and matching blingy conchos.

Theresa's Chinks - chocolate brown body with brown and palomino double, pinked, spotted twisted fringe.  Floral tooling with dyed background, Mortensen conchos and buckles. 

Rebekkah's Chinks - brown body with palomino and brown double" pinked and spotted fringe, belt and side pieces have floral tooling with antique finish. 

Montana Girl Chinks - Bucktan body with metallic bronze and bucktan pinked and spotted double fringe, dark antique belt and side piece.


Necla's Chinks - Cream body with black and cream, pinked, spotted and twisted fringe.  Floral tooling with antique finish.

Bobbi's Chinks - black body with cream and black fringe, pinked and spotted.  Barb wire border with black and clear blingy conchos.

FOR SALE - Butter colored body with 3 layers of fringe - butter, lilac and purple.  The lilac and purple are pinked with silver spots on the purple.  $550


Marcia's Chinks - Black body with black and marbled brown double, twisted fringe with spots and floral belt and side piece.  Slotted conchos on the legs.

Vayle's Chinks - Distressed "bomber jacket" leather for the body, champagne and brown double fringe, pinked with spots.  Floral tooling with antique finish and mounted shooter conchos.

Molly's Chinks - Marbled brown body, black and cream pinked and spotted double fringe.  Border tooling with antique finish, double pinked and spotted leather under belt and side pieces and blingy conchos.

Cindy's Chinks - Buttertan leather with chocolate and buttertan double fringe, pinked edge with copper spots, snakeskin belt and side piece with pinked, spotted chocolate underneath and sunflower conchos.

Martin's Shotgun Chaps - Champagne colored leather, fringe, antique finish belt with border tooling.

Ethan's Shotgun Chaps - Butter colored leather, fringe, antique finish belt with knife cut scrolls.

Tessie's Chinks - Bucktan colored leather, floral belt and side piece with dyed background.

Mary's Chinks - Distressed leather for the body, chocolate and champagne double fringe with spots.  Antiqued basket stamped belt and side piece, parachute conchos.

Lindsey's Chinks - Butter colored body with bronze and butter colored double fringe pinked with spots.  Antiqued basket stamped belt and side piece, blingy conchos.


SOLD: These chinks are made out of a rugged, oil tanned leather called Kodiak. They are chocolate brown, border on the belt with an antique finish & lace through side piece. $400

Angie's Chinks - Chocolate brown body with turquoise and brown pinked spotted fringe, antiqued floral carving with blingy conchos.

Darla's Chinks - Black body with metallic bronze & flack fringe, pinked with silver spots. Antiqued basket stamped belt & side piece with blingy conchos.

Karen's Chinks - Brown speckled body, turquoise & brown pinked fringe with spots. Antiqued floral carving. I "repurposed" a belt she had made years ago, changing the inlay color to turquoise snake skin to match her gunbelt inlay and buck stitched it in turquoise.

Riata's Chinks - Cream body with hot pink & metallic pink fringe & antiqued floral carving. The fringe is velcroed on so she can trade colors of fringe.

Kurt's Chinks - Burgandy body with champaign & black twisted fringe & border holes. Basket stamped belt & side piece & a pocket.

Julie's Chinks - Bucktan body with a palomino colored top fringe, pinked with random silver, brass & copper spots. Paisley tooling & paisley conchos. Twisted fringe randomly amongst the straight fringe. These chinks are referred to as the Paisley Hippy chinks.

Torrie's Chinks - Desert camo/marble body, brown & champaign fringe with spots & antiqued floral belt & side piece.

Annie's Chinks - two tone body, chocolate brown & lime green double fringe, pinked with silver spots. Barbed wire border on belt & side piece with antique finish. Longhorn steer conchos to match the longhorn on the belt.

Twyla & Shanda's Chinks - Cream colored body, pinked purple & cream double fringe with silver spots.  The belt & side piece were stamped with a mini Hamley daisy stamp, with purple Swarovski crystals on the slotted conchos.

Landon's Sister's Chinks

Joan's Paisley Chinks - The body of this pair is a distressed "bomber jacket" leather. The twisted, pinked & brass spotted fringe is champagne & chocolate brown. They have a paisley design tooled in the belt & a decorative paisley collection in the corners.

Martin's Rodeo Chaps

Luke's Rodeo Chaps

David's Chinks - The body of this pair is burgundy with cream and burgundy double twisted fringe. Silver spots (man bling) and pockets on both sides. The belt and leg shield are basket stamped with antique finish.

Shotgun Chaps - These are made out of a lightweight leather, cognac colored. Basket stamped belt with antique finish, pocket with snap and zippers.

Bruce's Armitas - The body of these armitas are made with a buck tan leather and buck tan and chocolate double fringe. They have the border holes and a mecate loop.

Landon's Chinks - Punchy chinks for a cute little buckaroo!


Dalarie’s Chinks – This pair has a chocolate lizard print body with butter and chocolate twisted fringe.  The fringe has been pinked with brass spots, daisy tool belt and leg shield with antique finish.

Tracy's Chinks - The body of this pair is a lightweight cream color with pinked and spotted pink metallic and chocolate brown fringe. Floral belt and side piece with antique finish.


Gabe’s Chaps – Rodeo chaps with soft gold leather and antique finish belt and leg shield.

This pair of chinks are made out of rugged oil tanned leather called Kodiak. They have basket stamped belt and leg shield with antique finish. SOLD

Marianne’s Chinks – The body of these chinks are buck tan, they have double layered fringe with chocolate brown on top, brass spots and floral carving with antique finish.

Cindy’s Chinks – This pair has lizard print leather for the body, double fringe with metallic bronze and chocolate brown.  The belt and leg shield have a daisy stamp with antique finish and blingy conchos.


Thank you Taylor Fulwyler - mounted shooter, roper and 2012 Vale 4th of July Rodeo Queen - for modeling this pair of black and red chinks. They have double layer red/black fringe with a hole punched fringe line border and red stitching. SOLD - Thanks Roy!

Teri's Chinks - Bone colored square body with burgundy and bone double fringe, antiqued belt with a border, border holes and double laced leg shield.

Daisey  Sue's Chinks -  Daisy Sue's chinks are a honey colored body, with a daisy floral belt, The double fringe is lime green and metallic lime green with a laced belt and side piece.

Jessica's Chinks - This pair of chinks has a cork colored body with black twisted fringe. The fringe is pinked with antique spots. The belt and side piece are floral with an antique finish.

Colton's Chinks - Butter colored body with forest green fringe. Small waffle stamp on the belt and leg shield with antiqued finish.

Callyn's Chinks - This pair has brown, oil tanned leather for the body with black fringe, belt and leg shield, and silver conchos.

Pat's Chinks - These chinks are made with a butter colored leather for the body, chocolate colored twisted fringe with hole punched fringe line border and it has an antiqued floral tooled belt.

Tyler's Chinks - Burgundy colored body with cream fringe and lacing. Basket stamped belt.


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